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  Setting up a website for your company would involve two vital steps, i.e. (i) Securing your domain name, and (ii) designing your site. Please keep in mind that while the cost for securing your domain name remains constant, the cost for designing your site varies largely, depending on your business objectives and the complexity of your requirements. Offering the best design packages in Central Pennsylvania, ours is one of the most cost-effective services in the area, reaping huge benefits for your business.

You may be the one to decide to go with our hourly rate design plans, or for a monthly charge for hosting your site on a server. Whatever your needs be, please keep in mind that the prices will vary largely, depending on the features required for your site.

The best part of our web design plans is that we give one year of free site hosting with every web design plan we offer.

  Depending on the diverse requirements of you, our valued clients, our team will decide upon how many pages you will need. For this, in the first place we would want to know about your company, our business objectives and your target customers in details. At, we have clients with sites consisting of a single page on one hand, while on the other hand, we have clients with even 1000 pages! Contact us and we will tell you how and why!


  What the users will get to see of your site will largely depend on their browser as well as screen resolution settings. One viewer may see some things differently compared to the other due to these two factors. With this in mind, our team designs sites and also previews them in several browser types and resolution settings before finally getting them published on the web.  
  Your web address will be


  We maintain certain standards for this. Once we register your domain with us, we designate someone as the administrative and billing contact for your website. All the while, we assure that you remain the sole owner of your website.  
  This part largely depends upon an expert Search Engine Optimization process and effective SEO promotion strategies. After creating your website, our SEO marketing team will take pains to optimize your site for search engines and list you with the major ones. However, as the owner of the website, you must understand that getting to the top takes some time and often resubmission is necessary.

We will help you get top listings with major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and more; just be patient and sensible enough to realize that it is a continuous process that takes time and work to get accomplished.

  You can surely maintain your own website, provided you have the adequate know-how of the proper website maintenance guidelines. We can assure you that we would be only too happy to assist you with those.  
  Well, with the bombardment of the various channels of reaching out to your current and potential clients today, ranging from advertisements, business cards and letterheads to checks and fax cover sheets, you can stop worrying about how people will find your site! Just be particular to put your World Wide Web address on all these. And, with top rankings in major search engines, you can unmistakably secure 80-90% of your traffic. Apart from that, we suggest you get involved in numerous profitable banner exchange programs on the web, depending on the type of business you have.  
  ROI (Return on Investment) from your website is the most crucial part of your website promotion strategies that we undertake on behalf of you. While most of the search engines take 2 to 4 weeks to list your site, we assure that with a small amount of print, radio or TV advertising, it can begin immediately. We see to it that our clients get more sales, a better bottom line, and dramatic ROI (Return on Investment) with their websites.  
  With accessing the latest technologies, keeping track of traffic in your website has been easier than ever before! For this, you only have to use our host server of choice. With its assistance, now you will have full access to the user statistics of your website, including relevant information of your traffic like what time and from which part of the world they visited your site, how long they spent on our site, which of your pages they viewed, etc. Needless to say, access to such user statistics of your website is essential to promote and build a successful web site.  
  We create websites for you within one to seven weeks, depending on the size of the site and the profile of your company.  

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