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Website & Web Design Plans for York PA & National Regions

  At York Design, website maintenance and design management is a low cost service that has many benefits. We also offer website design for Harrisburg, web design for Lancaster PA, and web design Philadelphia.

  • Your website is kept up-to-date. Content editing can be accomplished with updated information, such as: staffing changes, product announcements, and those things that keep your visitors properly informed. This is generally accomplished through simple e-mail transactions.
  • We manage your local (York) or national website. Using newest technologies, we can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site performance. We insure that all features are functional.
  • In simple terms, the York Design website design, web maintenance, and management programs allow us, together, to continually meet your needs.
  For those who desire a variety of customized graphics, programming, and others features integrated into their web sites, York Design offers flexible hourly website design plans.  
Website Design & Maintenance Hourly Rates
  Total Hours > 30  =  
Total Hours 30 to 100 =
Total Hours 100+ =
$55.00 per hour
$50.00 per hour
$47.00 per hour
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  Web Design Plans for York PA & US starting at $1000
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